Sunday, June 10, 2018

Interview with Anonymous

        This post is an exclusive interview with a representative of the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. More interviews with members or representatives of different groups will follow in an attempt to present different points of views on the world and its issues. The interviewee goes by the name Fearless One.

Question: Do you consider yourself a member of Anonymous?

There are no members in Anonymous but I consider myself Anonymous and follow the Creed.

Question: Do you think your ideas accurately represent Anonymous?

Yes, Anonymous has only one idea, the idea of truth. I, like many Anonymous, expose the corrupt
wherever they lie, expose truths hidden from the public, and work to free humanity. So long as I do this, and am backed by fact, I represent Anonymous.

Question: How and why did you get involved with Anonymous?

I knew of Anonymous for a very long time and followed their work. I felt I had nothing to contribute as at the time I did not know much about computers, hacking or security. However, one day I saw a post by an Anon I followed, for #OpNewBlood. I thought how cool it would be to have a purpose in life, and to do something in your life worth doing, something worth dying for. A few days later I had worked up the courage to comment on the post and said that I wished I had the skills to contribute. The response was immediate and the Anon simply asked, “What is holding you back?” After composing myself, I found the only answer I had was...that I was afraid.. No one in my life had ever been proud of me, or anything I did. I played by the main stream rules and to everyone living in the matrix, I had the perfect life: secure job with full benefits, a large home and many pets, I was buying an even larger home that coming winter. It was an empty and meaningless existence and I hated every moment of it. Now that I had the opportunity to be something more than myself, I was holding myself back with fear. It was a humbling revelation, and I decided I would not rot in my pointless life. I started figuring out what I needed to know. I spent hours and weeks learning code, security, erasing my online footprint. Then, a few weeks later, my day had come. I was ready to log into IRC and begin my life. I got on and lurked, got to know many Anons and how the collective worked and then one day I was accepted into a group.

Question: How and why did you get involved with OpKKK?

This group I was accepted into created OpKKK. About 5 Anons came to me and asked if I would be
interested in taking out the KKK. It had become known the cops who were executing black people in the streets in 2013-2014 were members of the KKK. Since I have a past history with the KKK I was thrilled to be able to expose them all. It took me one day to decide if I would be involved or not, as I knew exactly what the risks were and that if I did my job correctly I would end up dead. I had nothing to loose. We first exposed the cop, Darren Wilson who shot and killed Mike Brown in public. In our group of 8, several lived close to his location. One of the Anons took one for the team and slept with Daren’s girlfriend at the time. When she became pregnant, they were soon married (Anonymous is thorough when it decides to hack). We attained valuable info from her and consequently were able to find every member of his KKK group, including their leader, Frank Anocona. From there it was easy and I focused solely on the leaders as the majority, the underdogs so-to-speak are mostly cops and every day people carrying out the hits and orders of the ones above. The leaders, we found out, were politicians, senators and congressman, lawyers and doctors. I exposed 558 of them and the group together exposed 1000.

Question: Can you describe a sequence of events for the operation?

For any successful event you have to understand how the target works. With the knowledge I had of the KKK we already knew how the hierarchy worked and the history of the organization. With that
knowledge, we simply had to find names, or a gathering place for them. Once we got the information we needed on the first guy, Wilson, it was a piece of cake. The KKK had no security so their websites and social media accounts were as easy as peeling a banana to get into and from there we got more info and got into their forums such as and infiltrated from there. One thing most forget is, a successful event requires dedication and lots of time. The 8 of us were on rotating shifts as everything we are doing must be constantly watched so we would continue to have access. Reputations have to be formed within the KKK forums so our identities in their groups didn’t come under suspicion. After a few weeks of engaging with a target they typically open up and most targets after only a week will begin to expose their very personal and private information. It was carried out beautifully and we even got interviews with our first found KKK leader, Frank Ancona. It can still be seen on Youtube. During the operation nationwide protests were also formed by Anonymous, there were Die-Ins in major cities and the Hands Up Don’t Shoot movement was started. These started because of Anonymous and they were successful because they were peaceful. Their success was astounding but the politicians couldn’t handle the spot light from us so they created the Black Lives Matter Movement and corrupted our peaceful protest with violence, racism and destruction which helped to further divide the American population and create the police state that exists today.

Question: Can you describe a sequence of events of your involvement with the operation?

Well, to continue from the previous answer, this led to many angry KKK members. The interview one of our guys had with Frank Ancona turned out to be a honeypot. We did not find this out until much later. Suddenly while we were spamming doxxes and sending ridiculous amounts of pizza to KKK members and turning their electricity on and off and more, one by one the Anonymous in our group were beginning to be singled out and physically attacked. One from our group who was closest to ground zero for OpKKK had his car blown up which caught his house on fire and almost killed his small child. Another one’s cat was skinned and left nailed to his front door, his tires were slashes in the night. I was closest to one of the Anons, and we were in constant contact. I lived furthest away from the rest of them. He messaged me while I was at work one day and told me they were coming for me. I had already had a safe house prepared for me in an undisclosed location a month earlier. I sent a message to my friend who put me on the next plane out to the safe house. Though I had a plan, I had only just begun the process of getting my things in order when it was time for me to leave. I left work in the middle of the day, had time to grab my laptop, usbs, and the necessary papers which I had already had ready to go. I left everything else. I got to the safe house and was soon discovered and watched by agents, thankfully I was protected heavily. Thankfully another Anonymous, Linus, whom I had known for some time, offered me a place to stay until I sorted things out. On an American Passport I was allowed to stay in his country for 3 months. I had to stay in the safe house until my passport came in. I had not had time to prepare beforehand which almost got me killed twice. The Anon who warned me, planned on meeting up at the US airport for our departures, as it was also his plan to leave. Over the 3 months I was in hiding the rest from our group had been killed off. Only one got away and it was Alex Poucher, the bastard who interviewed Frank Ancona. Over this time we figured out it was he who betrayed us, selling us for $1000 each to the KKK. Since several of the KKK members I exposed were FBI and CIA, the little information he knew was enough for them to find us. He was paid off and relocated to Germany where he now lives under the US Government benefits serving as a front “independent journalist” in Germany. The day my Anon friend was supposed to drive up to me I received a message from him that his car had been messed with again, he was on his way but his brakes were gone. Needless to say, he wasn’t heard from again and we did not meet.

Question: Since you had a safe-house, did you know from the beginning that the operation would be dangerous?

Yes, only an idiot would go up against an extremist, violent, terrorist organization known for murdering thousands of innocent people and not think it will end badly. One can not go into something like Anonymous without understanding this basic fact. Sadly, many do which is why many are very easily baited and turned into snitches and spies by undercover agents within Anonymous groups. I did not plan on it happening so fast and so suddenly, but thankfully I had at least had my friend prepare a safe-house before all else. If I had acted more quickly with the other things I needed to get done, the following 3 years would have been much easier.

Question: If you were at your safe-house, why did you feel the need to flee the country?

A safe house is always only temporary. It only helps to buy time. I was there too long because the FBI held up my passport without legal cause for 3 months. They watched the house day and night from surveillance cars, and made rounds around the house at night attempting to find a way inside. The US does not protect citizens, the justice system is about money. There is no way one can stay in the USA if one wishes to live after exposing any significant corruption, like a corrupt US politician, especially not after 60.

Question: Why would you risk your life to expose these people?

Because no one should be allowed to murder anyone, especially based on the skin they were born with. I certainly didn’t choose my skin.

Question: Was the operation successful? Why or why not?

It was quite successful, but the KKK are still active and alive today. We alone can not defeat the hate
others are set on living by, only expose those who do and try to keep it from spreading.

Question: Is the operation ongoing? If so, how can people help out or get involved?

Every operation Anonymous does is ongoing. Anyone can be a part of it whether one decides to expose those who are corrupt and unjust and participating online, or by simply not allowing hatred, division, and hypocrisy in their lives or the lives of those around them.

Question: What would've happened to you if Linus hadn't reached out and offered a helping hand?

Linus was an unexpected miracle. I had a few other friends in Anonymous who I planned to ask for a
place to stay but without hesitation he told me I must come to him the moment I told him they were
coming for me. We had worked together for a long time, he taught me everything about security and built tools to keep me safe, he taught me many things. I did my best to keep my feelings for him in check as we were Anonymous and knew nothing about each other outside of our work. When he offered I had to simply take a leap of faith. Either stay in the USA and be killed like my friends, or jump and hope he catches me. It was the best event of my life.

Question: Are you safe now?

I am as safe as I can be. Like any political refugee from USA, I will always have a target on my back and must expect to be picked up at any time. I had a tail for a while after coming here but as long as I have no expectations in what people call “life” (job, money, housing) then all is well. I am blacklisted and that never goes away. As I was born in the USA I am property of the US government until I pay them for my freedom, last I checked in was $2,500 which is more than any refugee can make in the rest of their life. Since I’m blacklisted I can’t go to an embassy and pay for my freedom anyway as if I step on US soil again I will be taken and will not be heard of again.

Question: What project(s) are you devoting your time and effort to right now?

After 2012, Anonymous was severely infected by CIA agents and cops-in an attempt to destroy it. Though it’s not destroyed it has been severely altered. I have been involved with older Anonymous who have been trying to keep real Anonymous safe from the Agents and hope to keep Anonymous alive. There are many projects I am involved in continuously, such as helping fellow whistle-blowers with court cases along with the EU Commission to save other hackers and leakers from being taken from their families and countries, like Lauri Love. I give lectures in schools about this and other topics-most recently the Smart Grid epidemic which we are taking to Parliament. I stay well active in human rights events and protests and such. I also make videos for Youtube to help people wake up to the reality we are in today among other things. Only with the knowledge of truth can the world be changed, I am one of the moralfags dedicated to exposing truth to free the world.

Question: What is your greatest accomplishment in Anonymous or your greatest contribution to the world?

I have indeed done a great many things, saved some people from jail, saved some people from being murdered, exposed many targets and have made myself very well known to our enemies. It is my deepest hope, that Anonymous will not be disappointed in me, that at some point I will have done my job so well that it will be enough. I have not changed the world yet, as that takes time, but every seed we plant has the potential. Change is just waiting for people to act. I truly don’t know if I have a greatest contribution yet...but I do hope to one day... It is for others to decide the greatness or lack there of, of the work I have been able to do as Anonymous. Anonymous has changed me, entirely, so perhaps that changes the world by default?

Question: Do you have any regrets? If so, would you be willing to say anything about it?

I regret so many had to die over so much idiocy, because of such foolish and lazy people. As for myself, I have no regrets in my life. Everything in our lives happens for a reason, and the only regret I would have is if I learned nothing from it.

Question: Do you have anything to say to the KKK or people who are thinking about joining the Klan?

Well, the KKK have said it all here (about 0:50-2:40 pretty much explains the KKK complete with visual) but I would add, to anyone interested in any cult-KKK, Black Panthers, FreeMasons, Illuminati, Scientology, Knights groups, or what have you.
Never forget this: It is the corrupt we claim. It is your evil that will be sought by us. With every breath, we shall hunt them down. Each day we will expose their deeds and data til it rains down from the skies. Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal, these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions these are codes of behavior. And those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost. There are varying degrees of evil, we urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain. But if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see Anonymous and on that day you will reap it.

Question: Do you have anything to say to people who may have a vague or incorrect understanding of Anonymous?

Anonymous can not be understood by those who do not understand the idea. Anyone can have this idea ,it is the idea that humanity deserves to be free. Knowing truth is freedom. Anonymous is humanity: spreading truth, exposing the corrupt and doing all we do out of our love for you and our love drives us to free you from the deceptions around us. There are many ways to find out about Anonymous, but like any group, the history should be understood as well. Anonymous have no divisions as we are all equals and treat each other as such. This is difficult and impossible for many civilians as they are defined and dictated by their indoctrination. The infiltration Anonymous has had in recent years has caused it to change drastically from what it once was, for better or worse. Anonymous are people who are willing and determined to give up their lives to save the rest, to save one. We love humanity and we understand how it should be compared to how it is now-run by corrupted bankers who control politicians. We fight for freedom. We never forget corruption or perversion. We never forgive those who carry out crimes against humanity. Everyone crossing the moral line into negative things: pedophilia, murder, rape, trafficking people, animal abuse, controlling humans through puppetry and deception and the like, should expect us because we can see everything they do.

Question: Do you have anything to say to the people who may disagree with the methods of Anonymous?

The method is Anonymous. As an internet based hacking group, we use the tools given to us, to expose corruption and truth. We risk our lives, freedoms, countries, friends, families and more-just for you, for everyone, whether we know them or not. I did not know Michael Brown, nor any of the dozens after him, but I would have taken the bullets for him, if I had been there. I’d rather it had been me. That is how Anonymous feel about every case we work on. Everything we do is out of love of true humanity, as humanity, we can not tolerate anything less. When it comes to ends vs. means, it is self evident that the ends have justified the means and will do so in the future.

Question: Has Anonymous made your life better or worse? How so?

Anonymous has changed my life completely. In every way, even those I did not foresee. All for the
better. I am more than I could ever be, and I can do more than I ever thought possible. As I am
Anonymous, I am bulletproof. When we understand that our actions alone can cause the world to change and we understand everything in this world is an illusion, then we are able to fully become all we aremeant to be-which is always far more than we can imagine. If you’re willing to take the jump, anything is possible. I wouldn’t have done it if the Anonymous Justice League had not replied to my comment. I would have wasted my entire life. I’m eternally grateful to him, because that moment destroyed everything I had ever known and replaced it with everything I could never have imagined. Anonymous gave me life.

Question: Do you have any closing remarks or questions for me?

I hope everyone would ask themselves what their purpose is, and what they are willing to do to fulfill it. Only something worth dying for is worth living for.

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